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Shadow Guides & Help [Legion] (6/23/17)

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2016, 19:00
by Veiled
Legion Shadow Priest Guides, Help, & Resources.

Shadow Resources Forum (most of what you need can be found here!)
Shadow Written Guide
T20 Raid Boss/Talent Discussion
Mythic+ Dungeon Boss/Talent Discussion

Gearing and Upgrades
Raiding Stat Weights
Shadow Trinket Spreadsheet
Trinket Simulations
Relic Upgrades
Legendary Tier List
Mythic+ Dungeons and Raid Loot Guide
Tier Bonus Calculations:
Ideal 4 set pieces are Head/Chest/Legs + Not the Shoulders if you can help it. Mainly just get whatever TFs the highest.

Add-Ons, UI, & Media
Shadow Video Guides
Elvenbane's All-Spec Macros
Shadow Priest WeakAuras
Other Addons, Macros, & WeakAuras

Still Need Help?
Make a thread in the help/gear check forum!
Make sure you read the guidelines listed here and follow the posting format! Also if you are interested in simulating your character you can use Beotorch or Magicsim.

Other questions might also be answered on our FAQ page

Be sure to check us out in discord as well! We have an incredibly active community and are always willing to help.