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All *NEW* Donor Rank! (8/31/17)

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2013, 01:49
by Veiled
Hello Priests! So you'd like to read about our donor program? Cool! Let's get started then!

Any person who donates $5 or more per month through our Patreon will become an OFFICIAL H2P DONOR! Donors will have access to the following for as long as they support:
  • A Donor ONLY forum, which will include one on one help/discussions with H2P moderators (and other donors, too)!
  • The ability to customize and upload your own special (non-H2P!) forum avatar!*
  • A super awesome EPIC colored "Donor" forum rank!
  • Special access to new site features!
  • A special donor rank in our Partnered Discord. These ranks come in various colors depending on donor level.

How To Become A Donor

You may support us through our Patreon page and you'll be able to link your Patreon and Discord accounts for instant access.

If you'd rather just donate once through PayPal with no extra perks, please send me a DM or send to As of September 1st, 2017, we are no longer accepting donations through PayPal for donor perks.

*Avatars will need to meet the "safe for work" forum guidelines.

Re: All *NEW* Donor Rank! (8/31/17)

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2013, 12:08
by Veiled
Just to be clear about where donor money goes:
-Domains (we have two that we maintain; includes
-Office Supplies & Parts (Pens, paper, computers, hard drives, printers, post-its, routers, electronic maintenance(canned air & cleaner), basically anything that you need in a home office)
-Development -- There are things that we occasionally can't do (such as the stream page) that we have to pay someone else for.
-Advertising -- We've advertised on Facebook before and still do so occasionally.
-Giveaways -- We've given away tons of stuff from pets, mounts, razer gaming gear, etc.
-BlizzCon Merch
-Site content, including guides, theorycraft, YouTube videos, and more.
-And I'm sure there's more stuff that I'm leaving out.

Re: All *NEW* Donor Rank! (8/31/17)

PostPosted: 31 Aug 2017, 13:43
by Veiled
Updated original post: As of September 1st, 2017, we are no longer accepting donations through PayPal for donor perks.