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Holy/Disc Guides & Help [Legion] (2/25/17)

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2016, 19:44
by Niphyr
Legion Holy Priest Resources.
FAQ & Quick Help
[+] Stat Priority
This guide explains stat priority

[+] Pawn String
Pawn is not a very good fit for Holy Priest stat priorities. Check out this guide for gearing suggestions, and the spreadsheet at if you want more detailed stat breakdowns.

[+] Relic Priority
SYP is worth around 5 extra relic item levels, the rest take the highest ilvl you can. If they're the same level use the priority below
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Say Your Prayers > WoH = PotN > HG = HG = Reverence > Holy Hands > SN

[+] Legendary Rankings
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Trinket = Neck > Cloak = Pants > Helm > Gloves > Wrists = Belt > Rings

[+] Basic Talent Builds
Raiding 3131312

Mythic+ 1121111

General Holy Guide
Advanced Holy Guide
Trinket/Relic Rankings & Spell Comparisons
H2P Holy T19 Raid Boss/Talent Forum
H2P Holy - Mythic+ Dungeon Boss/Talent Forum

Weak Auras
Ablution's Horizontal Holy Priest Weak Aura
Ablution's Vertical Holy Priest Weak Aura
Aspartaami's Holy Priest Procs WeakAura
The Amazing Cake Weakaura!
H2P Addons, Macros, & WeakAuras Forum

Elvenbane's All-Spec Macros
[+] Angelic Feather Macro
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/cast [@player] Angelic Feather

[+] Sanc Under Cursor
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/cast [@cursor] Holy Word: Sanctify

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Legion Disc Priest Guides, Help, & Resources.
Disc Guide
Disc T19 Raid Boss/Talent Discussion
Disc - Mythic+ Dungeon Boss/Talent Discussion
Disc Mana Trinket Comparison
Drape of Shame Calculator

Add-Ons, UI, & Media
H2P YouTube Guides/Videos
Elvenbane's All-Spec Macros
Aspartaami's Holy Priest Procs WeakAura
Discipline WeakAura List
Other Addons, Macros, & WeakAuras

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